Technical Support - AM4-Kit

Note: AM4 kits for Liqmax II and ETS-T40 will be available again beginning of February.


How can I order a free AM4-Kit ?*


You can order the free AM4-Kit for ENERMAX CPU coolers if:
- You are the original purchaser of an ENERMAX CPU cooler.


- You are the original purchaser of an AM4 mainboard.
- The invoice date is 01.01.2017 or younger.

Free shipment for customers from EU-countries.
Customers from non-EU-countries have to pay the respective shipment costs to their particular country.
If you want to order your free AM4 retention kit for CPU coolers, please use the contact form below.

Please make sure you upload the invoice of your AM4 mainboard and the invoice of your ENERMAX CPU cooler.


For end users coming from USA or Canada, please contact the ENERMAX Technical Support Team USA.

The updated installation manuals are ready for download on the product sites.

Online Form - AM4 CPU cooler kit

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