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  • 18.07.17 | TESTERS KEEPERS

    Check out the latest contest |

    We are offering 3x 200ml, 3x 300ml and 3x 400ml NEOChanger for those who would like to test our new RGB pump-combo-kit and write an user review in hardware forums. For your effort we will include a special ‘Mystery Box’ with exclusive Enermax give aways inside the delivery.



    Check out our official Enermax Europe facebook page for further information!

    Direct link to the contest post:>> click here!

  • 29.06.17 | Support for Intel socket LGA2066

    As a reaction to AMDs Ryzen 7 and Threadripper CPUs, Intel pulled ahead the launch of Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X CPUs.

    These new CPUs will use the LGA2066 socket (also known as R4 socket). As this new socket will use the same cooler mounting design as the existing LGA 2011 socket users can still use their current Enermax CPU cooler for the new Intel CPUs – no retention kit needed!
    Complete List of Enermax CPU coolers that can be used with the Intel LGA2066 socket:

    ETS-T50 AXE Serie:


    ETS-T40Fit Serie:

    ETS-T40F-TB | ETS-T40F-TBA
    ETS-T40F-BK | ETS-T40F-BKA
    ETS-T40F-RF | ETS-T40F-RFA

    ETS-N30-II Serie:

    ETS-N30R-HE | ETS-N30R-TAA

    Liqtech Serie:


    Liqmax II Serie:

    ELC-LMR120S-BS | ELC-LMR240-BS


    The updated installation guide can be found at the following table  >> overview updated installation manuals.

  • 19.06.17 | AM4-UPDATE:

    Enermax launches AM4-Edition of ETS-T40Fit CPU Cooler Series - Apart from the already updated liquid cooler series "Liqmax II" and the air cooler series "ETS-N31" and "ETS-T50 AXE D.F. Pressure" that are AM4 compatible out of the box, Enermax now goes another step ahead:


    Neben der bereits umgestellten Flüssigkühlerserie "Liqmax II" und den ab Werk AM4 kompatiblen Luftkühler-Modellen "ETS-N31" und "ETS-T50 AXE D.F. Pressure", geht Enermax nun einen weiteren Schritt in Richtung Ab-Werk-Kompatibilität.


    From now on end users can get the new "AMD AM4 Edition" of ETS-T40Fit CPU cooler series to upgrade their RYZEN CPU cooling. These three models are compatible to all current sockets as users can enjoy a 100 percent CPU socket compatibility.


    For further information about the new AMD AM4 Edition of ETS-T40Fit, please visit the >>product website.

  • 09.06.17 | +++ NEW ARRIVALS +++

    Enermax enhances its product range by two new case series for gamers and overclockers - GraceMesh and GraceFun series both come with a 4mm panoramic tempered glass side panel and various cooling solutions.

    The case series are based on the same backbone, but thanks to Enermax product manager's experience in case design, the two series were optimized for different performance fields.


    GraceMesh is designed for extremely high airflow throughout the entire case to cool down high-performance systems, whereas GraceFun ensures a more silent operation for gaming rigs. Various liquid cooling solutions ensure a flexible and user friendly installation of custom liquid cooling solutions.


    GraceFun is available as single model with a blue LED fan in the back(ECB3090BM-03). GraceMesh-Series contains three models: GraceMesh Blue - with blue T.B.Apollish fans (ECA3520B-03-BL), GraceMesh Red - with red T.B.Apollish fans (ECA3520B-03-R) and GraceMesh Black - with non-LED Twister Bearing fans (ECA3520B-04).


    For further information about the new case series please visit:
    >>Product Website GraceMesh
    >>Product Website GraceFun

  • 31.05.17 | Series Update for ETS-T50 AXE:

    Facelift for ETS-T50 AXE CPU cooler series - new model released!

    ENERMAX’s most powerful CPU air cooler series is now expanded by one new model. In addition to the already well established LED version of the ETS-T50 AXE, a non-LED version (ETS-T50A-DFP) with 12cm D.F. Pressure fan is appended to the high performance CPU cooler series.


    With this improvement ENERMAX reacts to the high market demand by end users that asked for a version with a high performance fan. Now, ENERMAX combines it‘s most powerful 12cm DFR™-fan with the solid black TCC coated heat sink to reach outrageously powerful cooling performance for gaming set-ups.


    The new ETS-T50A-DFP is out-of-the-box AM4 compatible. No additional retention kit needed.


    For further information about the product, please visit the >> product website.

  • 05.05.17 | Enjoy Stereo Sound:

    New Enermax Bluetooth® speaker released - EAS02 (Stereotwin)is now available in stores and online shops.

    The Enermax Stereotwin is an aluminium Bluethooth® speaker which can be link together in a pair to provide a full stereo sound experience.


    Stereotwin is equipped with a 4 watt driver and a passive membrane to deliver a deep bass. The integrated CSR® V4.0 chipset supports the Bluetooth® 4.2 standard and quickly pairs your music devices wirelessly with the speaker.


    EAS02 (Stereotwin) is available in single (EAS02S-BK and EAS02S-R) and twin pack (EAS02S-DBK).


    For further information about the product please visit the product website.

  • 03.05.17 | Little Blizzard!

    New CPU cooler for small systems - ETS-N31 is now available in stores and online shops.

    The Enermax ETS-N31 is a tower cooler with 92mm fan designed to cool compact PC systems. The cooler has a low profile of only 125mm and comes with a tool less top mounted installation system.


    The 3x Ø6mm heat pipes with Heat Pipe Direct Touch (HDT) and the air stream optimizations Vortex Generator Flow (VGF, patented) and Vacuum Effect Flow (VEF) work together to reach a cooling performance of 130W TDP. The asymmetric heat pipe design provides the best compatibility with high RAM modules.


    ETS-N31 supports all latest Intel® and AMD® sockets including AMD AM4.


    For further information about the product please visit the product website oder im product video.

  • 28.04.17 | Excellent Hardware Award for Revolution SFX series

    Hardwareluxx rewards ENERMAX Revolution SFX power supply series with "Excellent Hardware Award" - Very good efficiency, stable performance and high quality components prove that the series is high-end.

    With the Revolution SFX 650W, Enermax has launched a successful SFX power supply, which can perform well in all categories. With 650 watts, it offers more than enough power even for compact gaming systems with a high-end graphics card.


    "We really welcome this enrichment to the SFX power supply segment" - Hardwareluxx comments on their review of the Revolution SFX 650W.
    You can find the full article >> on



  • 09.03.17 | UPDATE: New LIQMAX II AMD AM4 edition

    RYZEN is here! AM4 mainboards and RYZEN CPUs are available on the market.
    You are still looking for the right way to cool down your new system? You do not want to order an AM4 Kit for your old CPU cooler? Need a new one that is AM4 compatible right away?

    Here comes the solution: From now on you can order a special AMD AM4 edition of the ENERMAX LIQMAX II CPU cooler series.

    Liqmax II 120
    AMD-AM4 Edition
    120mm radiator

    Liqmax II 240
    AMD-AM4 Edition

    240mm radiator

    Check out your online shop for further information.

  • 20.02.17 | ENERMAX Continues to Dominate PC Case Market in Japan

    Business Computer News (BCN) announced the award winners for 2017 - ENERMAX has once again won the No. 1 brand in PC Case category in Japan, for the second year in a row.

    “We are very excited and honored to win this recognition again. For over a quarter century, ENERMAX has been dedicated to creating and producing quality products and services that our users and partners can count on. We will continue to design and develop the best possible products that meet the needs of the market and customers.” said Ko-Min Kevin Tseng, Global Head of Sales and Marketing at ENERMAX.
    If you want to learn more about PC cases from ENERMAX, the 2-time winner of the BCN Award, please visit the official website.

    About the BCN AWARD
    The BCN AWARD is organized by BCN (Business Computer News) Inc, the Japanese-based market research firm. The award honors the vendors with the best sales of the preceding year. The prize winners are determined based on the BCN ranking, which is calculated from daily POS data collected from major national retailers and PC shops in Japan.


  • 02.02.17 | AM4-Kit for Enermax CPU Coolers

    Enermax provides AM4-Kits for New AMD Ryzen CPUs

    The new AMD Ryzen CPUs come with the AM4 socket which is different from the previous AMD sockets designs. To ensure the compatibility of CPU coolers Enermax provides a AM4-Kit with new mounting bracket.


    For more information about the AM4-Kit - check out the support website.




    UPDATE: Revised installation mauals for ENERMAX CPU coolers with update for AM4 are ready for download on each product website.

  • 09.01.17 | A Revolution for SFX Fromfactor

    The Revolution SFX power supply series brings Enermax technology to a small form factor

    The PSU uses high quality components like Japanese 105°C capacitors and DC-to-DC technology to achieve the 80 PLUS® Gold efficiency. Unlike most other SFX PSU's the Revolution SFX is available with up to 650W. With this wattage it can power even the latest high-end graphics cards making it the best choice for compact gaming systems.



    For more information about Revolution SFX - check out the product website.

  • 06.01.17 | Waterproof O'marine Bluethooth Speaker

    O’marine is ENERMAX first outdoor Bluetooth speaker achieving the IPX8 waterproof standard

    It is not just splash proof, but also completely waterproof with the possibility to operate under up to 3 meters deep water. The powerful 5W speaker with the extremely resistant materials and the possibility of having a wireless connection range up to 100 feet (30 meters) with Bluetooth 4.0 technology make O’marine the best companion for your outdoor adventures.


    For more information about O'marine - check out the product website.

  • 12.12.16 | Meet the Valkyrie of the Battlefield

    The new premium aluminium m-ATX case by Enermax arrived and is out for sale from now on!

    This premium m-ATX case is specially created for you by Enermax. Every single piece is the outcome of extensive handcraft. Put together for you out of sandblasted aluminium and tempered glass. Despite its compact chassis you can install liquid cooling solutions and high end graphics cards for a powerful gaming machine. The frameless side window gives an open view to your hardware. With the limited edition of Steelwing you already hold a collector's item in hands today.


    For more information about STEELWING - check out the product website.

  • 21.11.16 | Enermax Launches Ostrog Lite - the elegant Gaming Tower

    Hamburg, 17th November 2016. Enermax enhances the case portfolio by adding Ostrog Lite midi tower. Ostrog Lite relates to other successful models in Enermax' Ostrog product family. The ATX tower features a brushed aluminium alike surface on the front panel for an elegant appearance and tunnel design for a clean system installation. PSU and HDD are installed from the right side and disappear under the cover. The extruded side panel provides extra space for cable management.

    Elegant Design

    OSTROG Lite uses the PSU tunnel design to guarantee a clean system installation. The case also features multi GPU systems and liquid cooling installation. The aluminium-alike front panel surface in combination with the dark tinted side window make the case an eye-catching gaming base. For LED enthusiasts the Ostrog Lite Black comes with a pre-installed red Apollish fan with LED ring.


    >> Download Product Pictures Ostrog Lite Black

    >> Download Product Pictures Ostrog Lite Grey

    Modern and user-friendly Features

    Ostrog Lite can accommodate up to 6 fans for effective cooling, along with support for 152mm CPU cooler and 390mm VGA card. In addition to that the case allows the users to install a 120mm liquid cooling in the rear to effectively cool down high-end hardware. The top I/O panel is equipped with 1x USB3.0, 2x USB2.0 and HD audio. Screw less ODD and HDD/SSD installation with one click – are a snap!

    Support for high-end VGA

    The new Ostrog Lite offers enough space for high-end multi GPU systems. VAG card length up to 390mm is supported and seven extension slots allow the installation of multi high-end graphics cards.

    Easy Maintenance

    The case is equipped with removable dust filters in the top and bottom panel for easy cleaning and maintenance. An extruded side panel simplifies the cable management behind the mainboard tray.

    Availability and MSRP incl. VAT

    The case is available in two models: Ostrog Lite Black [ECB3080BB-01] and Ostrog Lite Grey [ECB3080BI-02].

    Ostrog Lite models will be available in retail and distribution as of now!

    For further information about the new case please visit the product website.


  • 15.11.16 | The new Gaming Spaceshuttle


    In the end of this year Enermax will launch the Steelwing m-ATX case. First details you will find at the product website. This case from space is made of 100% aluminium and glass - a solid construction for a stylish gaming experience.

    Steelwing will be available in two different versions:



  • 09.11.16 | Revolution DUO - Dual Fan PSU for Tunnel Cases

    The Revolution DUO series is designed to build entry-level gaming systems with low operating costs. Unlike conventional single-fan power supplies, the dual fan design actively diverts the airflow to achieve increased cooling performance. The intelligent fan control optimizes both fans RPM to guarantee a silent operation even at 100% load. The FMA control allows a manual increase in cooling performance, e.g. to temporarily dissipate heat from system components.

    Check out all product information and specs for:

    >> Product Website Revolution DUO 500W

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