• 15.08.16 | DFR™ TECHNOLOGY ARRIVED !

    World premiere: First product series with Dust Free Rotation™ Technology


    Hamburg, August 15th, 2016. Enermax presents the first product series with patented DFR™ Technology: the new Platimax D. F. power supply with 80 PLUS® Platinum certification, the new ETS-T50 AXE cpu cooler and the D. F. Pressure fan come with DFR ™ technology.


    Dust Free Rotation™ Technology

    After starting the PC, The patented DFR™ Technology lets the fan spin in reverse allowing the cleaning of the fan blades from dust. Cleaner and better cooled components grant a longer lifetime and a better operation of the products.


    Platimax D. F.

    Enermax adds new Platimax D. F. PSU to the flagship series Platimax. The 80 PLUS® Platinum certified series is equipped with the patented DFR™ (Dust Free Rotation) Technology. The new 13.9cm Twister Bearing fan with the DFR™ Technology combines extreme quiet operation with long product life. Up to a load of 80%, the fan rotates at a constant 550 RPM. Above 80% load, the Platimax D.F fan spins silently up to a maximum of 1,000 RPM. The Platimax D. F. comes with a fully modular cable management with individually sleeved SLEEMAX™ cables. The power supply is available at a MSRP incl. VAT of 149.90 Euro for the 500W model and an MSRP incl. VAT. of 159.90 Euro for the 600W model. For further information visit the product website or start the product video.


    ETS-T50 AXE

    The ETS-T50 AXE with 12cm DFR ™ fan combines 7 patented technologies with a cooling performance of 250W + TDP - the next ice age is coming. The patented technologies include:

    - DFR™ technology – removes accumulated dust from fan blades

    - Pressure differential flow design - increases the air flow up to 15%

    - Heat-Pipe Direct Touch - faster heat dissipation from the CPU

    - Air Guide - for 360°air flow control

    - Circular-type LED - for spectacular lighting effects

    - Twister Bearing Technology – with up to 160,000 hours MTBF

    - Vortex Generator Flow - small spoilers direct the airflow to the rear of the heat pipes and improve the cooling performance


    The ETS-T50 AXE is compatible with the latest Intel® and AMD® sockets. The new CPU cooler is available at MSRP incl. VAT. of 59.90 Euro. For further information visit the product website or start the product video.


    D. F. Pressure

    The D. F. Pressure fan with DFR ™ technology is specially designed for use on CPU coolers and radiators. It already achieves a considerably higher static pressure than conventional case fans at low RPM. The use of high-quality, heat-resistant components allows an operation at higher temperatures up to 85° C. The Enermax high performance model comes with the second generation of the patented Twister bearing that provides silent operation with up to 160,000 hours MTBF. The 12 cm fan is available at MSRP incl. VAT. of 16.99 Euro. For further information visit the product website or start the product video.


  • 25.05.16 | ENERMAX @ Computex 2016: Innovation, Gaming, VR, and more

    May 25th, 2016, Taoyuan, Taiwan – ENERMAX, a leading designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC hardware, continues to impress the world with the pioneering innovation. After winning Computex d&i Award in 2015, DIGIFANLESS, the world's 1st digital fanless power supply, has been nominated for European Hardware Award 2016, and prestigious German Design Award 2017 respectively. The DIGIFANLESS 550W sets a milestone in PSU history and provides the users with the top quality solutions.

    Along with the DIGIFANLESS, ENERMAX will showcase two new power supply series, REVOLUTION DOU and Platimax DF, at Computex 2016. REVOLUTION DOU, the 80PLUS® Gold PSU lineup, capitalizes on DOUFlowTM technology and Fan-speed Manual Adjustment (FMA) control to create dynamic airflow for superior cooling performance. Platimax DF, the 80PLUS® Platinum PSU series, is equipped with the patented Dust Free Rotation (DFR) technology to offer a self-cleaning solution to prolong the lifespan and reliable operation.

    The DFR technology will be also applied to ENERMAX fan and CPU cooler products. At Computex 2016, ENERMAX will present 3 fan series with the DFR technology: D.F. PRESSURE fans featuring super high static pressure up to 4.812 (mm-H2O), D.F. STORM fans achieving a peak speed of 3,500 RPM generating an incredible air flow rate of up to 11.131m3/h, and D.F. VEGAS and D.F. VEGAS DOU fans delivering dazzling LED lighting effects for brilliant and stylish case cooling. ETS-T50 AXE, the new flagship air cooler with powerful 250W TDP, features the new PDF technology. It comes with an exclusive Air Guide for airflow management; also the D.F. VEGAS fan featuring 3-color LED lighting effects to help enthusiastic gamers create a personalized look that matches his or her style.

    Ostrog ADV, the one-of-a-kind LED chassis for gaming systems, will be one of the highlights at Computex this year. ENERMAX’s Lighting LED team has successfully leveraged the LED with ENERMAX’s innovative Nano Diffusant to create ultra-bright and ultra-even effects.

    At Computex 2016, LEPA Technology, the new member of the ENERMAX Group, will showcase their new products at the ENERMAX booth. We would like to invite you to discover LEPA’s new innovation.


    We welcome you to stop by at ENERMAX as there are more innovative products to be discovered, including new RGB DIY liquid cooler, in-ear sports earphones, waterproof Bluetooth speaker with IPX8 rating.  Last but not least, we also prepare a VR gaming zone with ENERMAX’s VR approved gaming rigs.





    Booth# I-0507, Nangang Exhibition Hall, 1st Floor,

    No. 1, Jingmao 2nd Rd, Nangang District, Taipei City

    Opening Hours:

    May 31 – June 3 (09:30 ~ 18:00)

    June 4 (09:30 ~ 16:00)


    For further information about the latest ENERMAX products and inovations please contact to following person:
    Janine Kendzia

  • 13.05.16 | Eurpoean Hardware Award 2016 - these Enermax products are nominated

    Hamburg, 3rd May 2016 - ENERMAX products got nominated for the EHA 2016 - in the categories 'Best PSU Series',

    'Best Case Fan Series' and 'Best CPU-Cooler (water)'.


    The nominated produtcs are:



    - Platimax

    - Digifanless



    - T.B. Silence PWM


    Water Coller:

    - Liqmax II 120mm

    - Liqtech 240X

    ENERMAX Platimax

    ENERMAX Digifanless

    ENERMAX T.B. Silence PWM

    ENERMAX Liqmax II 120

    ENERMAX Liqtech 240X



    The winners will be announced on Monday 30th May 2016 in Taipei International Conference Centre.



    For more information about the European Hardware Award click here.

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